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Originally Posted by Vekke View Post
Just for my own reference did some after calculations with the cars specs:
Starting point:
Aerodynamic & rolling resistance, power & MPG calculator -
When car was ready:
Aerodynamic & rolling resistance, power & MPG calculator -

Found also one new cool picture:
Hello Vekke,

I see that you calculated with 6.3 kg/ton rolling resistance. Is that with the Bridgestone B381 Ecopia 145/80R14?

Did you ever confirm the rolling resistance with a "coast down" test, or other type of measurement?
I was looking at the specs for those tires, and they have a C-rating, which means 7,8 < RRC < 9,0. I'm considering buying them for a Renault Clio -97 which currently has 155/80-13-tires. But I'm not sure which figures to trust - 6.3 (A-rating) or C-rating?

I haven't found an A-rated tire which will fit my car so far. I've had the idea of buying the wheels from a Zoe (Michelin Energy E-V 185/65R15) from the junkyard, but calculations show they are a bit too large for my car.
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