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Despite Scotland being a rather wet part of the world I have not driven a great deal in the rain since trying to improve my fuel efficiency. I have the past couple of days. What I have noticed is just how much wet roads impact on the distance I can coast. I am not talking about standing water here, but just roads wet after a spot of rain. I reach my coasting point at the usual speed, slip into neutral - and fall short of my intended target. And sometimes by quite a bit.
This retardation obviously impacts all of my driving, even when under power, but until I tried coasting I was not aware of what a huge difference it made.
Another aspect of FE it impacts is cornering speed. For junctions around town, where I can normally turn on two wheels and a door handle, I have to slow quite a bit more, so that too impacts on FE.
I'll just have to suck it up. Winter approaches, and if there is one thing you can say about a Scottish winter is it will be cold and wet!

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