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Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
In city/town driving I try to stick to the figures you suggest, but on hills the small engine needs a bit more, otherwise as soon as you change up you need to change back down.
Also for brisk acceleration such as joining traffic on an on ramp. Or sneaking in behind a fast moving coach, or the like, for draughting.

I have a ScanGauge E fitted.
Maybe you could drive like me!

In my Nissan Leaf it won't make it from the next town back to home at highway speeds since it's uphill and there aren't any charging stations on that 70 mile stretch and because my battery has lost over 15% of it's original capacity. So I just drive at 35mph along the shoulder with my flashers on and make it back home ok. I've been doing this once a week for several months.
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