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Turn radius.

Another thing I have noticed is how the way you make a turn greatly influences coasting. I make a left turn at this roundabout, twice a day. I approach in the left hand lane (right hand lane is for vehicles turning right) and follow the kerb round into the steadily steepening downhill section. However, in the morning when there is no traffic about I use the right hand lane, clip the kerb and continue out towards the centre line of the road down the hill.
Approaching at exactly the same speed, the second option sees me leaving the roundabout with less loss of momentum, greater speed, and sooner able to engage 3rd gear to enjoy DFCO as I descend the hill to the next roundabout.

Obviously this scrubbing off of energy happens every time you take a corner though most drivers are not aware of it (and possibly many hypermilers). So by taking the largest radius you safely and legally can, through every corner, you will end up burning less fuel.
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