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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
So start with a 327 and figure out how to reduce the price later then?

Or abandon or adapt the arduino ide to the at90can?
I want to evaluate how much an at90can board would cost, I have no clue after designing a small PCB in Eagle, the price charged by a company to make 10 of them for instance, and if they can solder the at90can or not like a stuffer, etc.
For the ELM327 there is a reference design board in the PDF and gerber files are available.

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Is there any chance the 327+arduino would be code compatible with, say, an arduino+323? There's a few bucks back right there.
Yes, especially for basic thing. I took the pdf of the ELM and man, it is so easy... the ELM does everything, you send on the serial port "01 0C" (01=request, 0C=RPM) in plain text for instance and it answer with "41 0C 1A F8" (41=answer, 0C=RPM, 1AF8=RPM*4), if it's a 320, 322, 323 or 327, it's the same thing, same "ELM protocol".

The ELM327 has more pins than the 323 however and is not pin compatible, but the software would be 99% compatible I guess, and it's easy to detect at boot the type of ELM you have anyway.
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