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Yeah. Flip flops are bad biz. The risk of them getting tangled in a pedal during an emergency is not a risk you should be taking, however carefully you drive (and as this is Ecomodder, I'm sure we all drive more carefully (and slower! (triple parenthesis!)) tham most!).

I do drive barefoot sometimes, but it feels strange. I've got wide feet and wideset stubby toes, so I can heel and toe with my big toe and my pinky. Which is entertaining, but the rest of the time, my toes are wriggling all over the place.

My favorite driving shoes are indoor soccer shoes or wushu shoes (thin, flat soles, flexible uppers) or aqua-socks. Aqua-socks are the next best thing to naked feet.... better than socks, because they have good grip... and they protect your feet from the cold, to boot.

My only issue is they suck for walking around in, and you look like a dork wearing them.

(Well, I am a dork, so sue me)

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