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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If 5,000 cars that are driven 12,000 miles a year, each one is not burning 400 gallons of gas. That adds up to 2 million gallons of gas not being burned.
Then take 2 million and multiply it by what the state tax on gas is.
I know most of these electric vehicles are probably being driven no where near 12,000 miles per year but that is what the average person drives and the government is incompetent so that is what they are going to assume people with electric vehicles are driving too.

If you have an electric pickup put a generator in the bed, now it's a hybrid.
I think you make my point fairly well whether you meant to or not
The tax affect is only $618,000 dollars in your case which is enough to pave a tenth of one mile of 4 lane highway, big win there billy.

Electric Car Road Use Taxes are Regressive

You also enforce my point that from a cost standpoint
that you should drive a Prius to avoid the tax and that the pollution reduction of 2,000,000 gallons of gas avoided, in a good of society view, in of itself is justification to tax excerpt EVs instead of fairly tax the cars.
As you allude to,I would argue however Wisconsin BEVs lag the nation in miles traveled, statistically under 5000 miles a year due to non existent intralata charging infrastructure heck only place to charge here is 110vac at Kwik Trip

Oil pan, do you figure the car and motorcycle only wheel tax at the county level I pay on top of state registration increases is fair ? (Only means what you think, no farm, no industrial, no "trucks", nothing heavy pays the tax)

This math was done for you already in the initial post and as huge as it sounds if these were the 30mpg unicorns you state, 5000 cars is insignificant and does nothing to fund roads, adding insult to injury the tax goes to the general fund which past elections have shown can be used for anything including the effort to initially elect a certain governor we have, he of coarse didn't know anything about it.

So All the tax does do is dissuade people from picking up a $5000 leaf or $2500 :0 Miev as a 2nd car heck it dissuaded a poster in this thread already.

I say all this and am likely except from all state (but not county) increases because my one EV is antique.

Yet I still have a strong opinion on something that doesn't affect me because I want Wisconsin to quit being dead last on many fronts, I think the many punitive policies Wisconsin already has is bad enough but this is the last nail in the coffin.

Ah well

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