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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It really doesn't make sense for the state government to sabotage public EV adoption.
The problem in a blue state is they have never heard of a tax they didn't like.
Electric vehicles had a free pass for along time but it must be expiring.
We've been red most of the last 4 decades on STATE LEVEL and LOCAL POLITICS.

We occasionally appear blue for the pres but that's where it ends

Under republican leadership car registration went from $12 to $100 for me
Property taxes went from $575 to $3200 a year (only years they stayed constant was during Doyle go figure)
Hunting and fishing fees went up 10 to 30 fold.
The government board controlling utility fees and taxes allowed a 330% increase in a 5 year timeframe.
The state has sold more municipal bonds in the last 5 years than in its entire history (but that's not debt)

At least gas taxes didn't go up?

I fail to see where conservative values led to fewer taxes.
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