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Originally Posted by BLSTIC View Post
If you combined a variable compression engine that uses a sliding piston in the head (to vary compression without affecting squish clearance) with a simulated atkinson-cycle (with VTEC engagement so you could still run normal cam timing in power mode) you could reap *huge* part throttle gains.

Remember the Prius engine is around 13:1 compression right now. I'm willing to bet that the only reason it isn't 15:1 (for better efficiency on a highway cruise) is because it would ping at full power (you could close the intake valve even later, but that would reduce max power further). With a variable compression engine and atkinson-cycle you could eliminate that shortcoming.

You would always be running the highest expansion ratio possible.

But that just mixed three patents from major companies that don't want you using their tech...
I'd like to demand data from God too, because he hasn't proven he exists yet.

Anyway... I had an even dumber idea involving the combination of a jet engine and a steam engine (using the jet engine to boil for the steam engine, and any waste exhaust, of which I hope there will be a lot, will be dumped into a recovery turbine attached to a 3 speed automatic transmission... the steamer would be run through a 5 speed manual)

I suspect the fuel economy would be horrific, and so would the emissions (NOx from turbo-steam-shaft boiler, water vapour and blowby from the steam engine crankcase, though the vapour should be fairly tame and condensable)
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