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Brazilian senator proposed a ban on fossil-fueled cars between 2030 and 2040

Ciro Nogueira, elected to the Federal Senate by the state of Piauí, recently proposed a ban on the sales of new fossil-fueled vehicles to start in 2030, leading to an ultimate ban on their traffic in Brazil from 2040 on, with very few provisions for collectors' vehicles at least 30-year old, public fleets (surprisingly not just military vehicles, civilian ones too), diplomatic corps and foreign-registered vehicles in transit as per the Vienna Convention. There has been some outcry about it eventually leading to an end of internal-combustion engines, but the project actually does not explicitly state it, and actually takes ethanol as an example of a non-fossil fuel deemed acceptable. Well, even though this project sounds quite too ambitious for an underdeveloped country like Brazil, where ethanol production is too geographically concentrated to a point that it becomes challenging to supply it across the whole country and too dependent of a single feedstock while others are not properly used, it's going to lead to some fierce debates.

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