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aluminum roof

Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
Every year here in Arizona the temperatures soar in the summer time to around 120F. The heat is just as much from the sunlight as it is from the ambient heat in the air.

So here's my question:
if i were to roll out and staple down some shinny aluminum foil on my roof - the entire roof - then would that reflect heat out or would the foil only heat up after just a couple of hours and bake the house?

getting enough aluminum foil from the $1 store to do the whole roof would only cost me between $20 and $40.

(but it's probably piss off the neighbors because they'd get even more glare on their windows.)
I'm going to weigh in on the side of light colored roofing,and perhaps a spray-on radiant barrier on the underside of the roof deck.With the low pitch it sounds like you couldn't access parts of the attic if you had to.Avoiding all the load you can will pay dividends.Whatever you can do to insulate and ventilate will also pay you back,even if you have to shove the material in with a broom stick.You may have watering restrictions to stretch the Salt River,and so your not likely to be planting Burr Oaks to shade the house.Artificial xero-scaping,adding any manmade shading devices to any exterior sun-exposed surfaces will, as others have mentioned, give you some immediate relief.And I also advocate the swamp-cooler over refrigerated air,so long as all the golf courses,agriculture,and swimming pools have so altered the climate that they'll no longer function.
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