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Originally Posted by MPGomatic View Post
Brazil's the place to do it. High performance forced induction ICE love high-octane fuel. More feedstocks, More better.
The problem is the mindset on sugarcane as the "ultimate" feedstock for ethanol, while other feedstocks such as corn and starch-rich microalgae that could be cultivated in the vinasse (reducing its salt load and making it safer to be subsequently reused as a fertilizer) are mostly neglected. For example, considering that inmates usually brew their own booze relying on rice leftovers and fruit peels as feedstock, it's quite surprising that fruit pulp and concentrate juice factories don't even try to brew ethanol from the leftovers of their industrial process. When it comes to engines, forced-induction had been often perceived as quite costly and maintenance-intensive, which are hard to justify for the average Brazilian car owner since people here are not so likely to care about maintenance at all. Just recently the downsizing trend started to catch up here, even though our displacement-oriented tax pattern would in theory make it a cost-effective deal.
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