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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Unfortunately, the image is misleading. It implies that you can get *Green Tires* - that is, tires will Low Rolling Resistance - AND also get better grip while maintaining good wear properties.

What the image doesn't explain is that tires with simple substitution of silica/silane for carbon black are WORSE for treadwear and the rubber compound has to be readjusted to get that treadwear back - AND most importantly - that tires with excellent wear properties are NOT going to be good for RR.

PLUS the term *LRR* is a relative term. It means *better for RR compared to tires with the same grip and wear properties*. A LRR tire can have worse RR than a conventional tire because the tread compound can be reformulated to emphasize any of those particular properties (at the expense of the others!)

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