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Hey Crono,

I picked up a scooter in June and have also been trying to find a happy medium with tuck, throttle, aero, etc. Getting used to not having the throttle at full blast the entire ride is tough to do when cars are barking up your backside (especially on hills)! Getting better at it though...

I've had mine up to 45mph on a downhill with throttle but because the engine restrictor is so heavy on the scooter I've found flat ground coasting is nearly impossible for lengthy distances.

I think a lightweight, aero deflector shield would have a great positive effect for you. Especially since even a 1-3% increase in mpg from the mod is really magnified 6-10% vs. your everyday car since the scooter is getting 90+mpg vs. your 45 mpg car. My trip to work today on the scooter was windy (mostly in my face) so I could tell my mph was being greatly affected. An aero shield from the front wheel to above the handlebars would have come in handy today!
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