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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Had hoped to have had this pulled together long ago as well.

This list represents vehicles which share the same shape drag as Spirit,as of 2014, based upon the DARKO Technologies wind tunnel test results.
Please provide a link to the 2014 version of your truck Phil.

All I could quickly find was this 2012 information quoted below.
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Just a quickie,based on T-100/Dodge research
*Flatbed --------------------------------------- Cd 0.668
*Suburban type roof (Lear cap)------------------ Cd 0.39
*Pickup bed (open)------------------------------Cd 0.44
*Full tonneau ---------------------------------- Cd 0.415
*GM' Half-tonneau ------------------------------Cd 0.357
*Texas Tech (GM) Aero Shell ------------------- Cd 0.352
*ITworks double-geometry shell ---------------- Cd 0.325
*Spirit of Cd 0.268-0.267
*Spirit of with folded mirrors----- Cd 0.251
*Spirit of with mirror delete (est.) Cd 0.24
*Complete boat-tail on custom truck box--------- Cd 0.12?
What Cd number does your opening list all match?
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