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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
It broke by bumper, grill, hood, windshield, roof, and probably did bad things to the systems in the engine compartment.
And this is why I'm happy that our biggest road crossing animal is a deer the size of a small Labrador..

I have hit a fox once, at high speed (flat out) on a dual carriageway - saw it just in time to hit it in the centre line of the car - an enormous bang, a screech that could weld steel from the (up until that point) sleeping girlfriend and a very ginger limp to her parents place - it split the bumper like there was a zipper up the middle but amazingly zero other damage. Didn't even bend the front crossmember. I suspect it was just low enough to only clip the bumper.

God alone knows what would happen if I hit an Elk or something like that in a Renault 5 at the same speed.. although it might just fit between the legs of one, it's quite narrow - but probably time to duck (think James Bond and that Renault 11..). I saw one R5 argue with 3 artics at 70mph once in France, the car was wiped out but the idiot boy driving it didn't have a mark on him (at least until the 3 hgv drivers got a hold of him anyway), blocked that autoroute for 6 hours apparently.
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