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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I am glad neither elk impaled anyone.

Mom had a Corsica. We called it the "Piece of Chevy." Hersbird, did you like yours?

That was a 1990 Accord. Honda did not offer airbags in the U.S. that year, but a body shop said it would cost $4,000 to fix, and my car had only been worth about half that.
It was a GSA government car, I hated it. It got replaced with a Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4x4 which meant we could go fishing all over Humboldt and Del Norte county while "working". We were the local navy recruiters there, the elk one of the Roosevelt herd at Redwood National Park. I did have a similar year Chevy Beretta GTZ that was my own car and the first car we ever bought new. That was pretty sweet with the HO Quad 4 And a 5 speed along with probavly the best sorted FWD handling of its day. (1990). Then again it crapped a head gasket under warranty thank God because they put a whole new engine in bit off the assembly line.
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