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Originally Posted by freddyzdead View Post
Hi Jez, nice to see you here.

I wouldn't mind hearing more about your unichip piggyback system. Is this something you can install yourself? I almost bought Copen from Grunt on Copenworld, but he ended up selling it to his niece. He's living in Japan now. I think he had D-Sport ECU on it. I don't know much about that, either, or whether it helps the fuel statistics.
Unichip needs to be installed by a qualified person and dyno tuned.
If you search for Unichip on Copenworld all the detail and results are on there.
D-Sport ECU is essentially a standard ECU with the rev limit raised and the boost cut raised best I can tell. It's not programable like Unichip.

You wouldn't install either of the systems to save fuel anyway. At about $1200+ for D-Sport and about $1800+ for Unichip they would take a while to payback.
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