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Originally Posted by mikesheiman View Post
[URL]Not to mention if making a long tapering in back of each front wheel (now wide open to release air pressure under there) would matter much.
1. Front wheel wells need trailing faring's otherwise that will all be drag. You can still vent the trailing edges of the faring.

2. I'm not sure about the open at top venting at the top comment on the Facebook page. I do not see it. I do see a large step where a rear window would normally be. I would make this area a stepped louver at a very gentle slope.

3. The area above the rear wheel does not seem to slope down, looks level. I would slope this slightly down. I would also add a removable or hinged 4-foot section at the tail. This tail is where many of your aerodynamic gains can be realized as it is the size of the hole in the air the vehicle leaves that is important.

I would have done an overlay sketch or mark-up but was unable to right-click and save the image.

As mentioned before we need more images and or drawings to feel confident of our suggestions and to catch everything.

Food for thought images that may inspire, and if they confuse please ask questions.

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