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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Fingie View Post
good thing my russian banger can withstand E85 stock, it'll just run badly.
Were you ever able to test a higher ethanol content? BTW what would it be running badly? Just a rough start or does it remain bad after that? Eventually, an auxiliary cold-start gasoline injection, such as used in Brazilian dedicated-ethanol and earlier flexfuel cars could help overcoming that issue.

if finland was ever hit by disaster, theres a crapton of abandoned cars laying around here where you can siphon gas from....
Though I would be quite concerned about contaminations in old gasoline, such as humidity and even algae growth (despite it being by far more frequent with Diesel than gasoline), at least it sounds better than nothing. Anyway, once I accidentally added a small amount of tap water to the fuel tank of a Chevrolet Celta and it actually ran better, but it only did so because of the ethanol content in Brazilian gasoline that solubilizes the water in the gasoline.
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