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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
Unless you have the actual operating "code" I would equate DIYing that system about as risky as DIY'ing your own pacemaker...get lucky and you're OK, don't and you aren't.
I would disagree. Jack already has built his own AC controller and has firmware to drive it. That is debugged and running in at least one vehicle.

A pacemaker needs to run - literally - 24/7 for the rest of your life. If the car controller has a fault - it can display a fault code and stop. Much like the original Tesla controller would throw a fault and either stop the car or coast it to a stop. Either way, you are only inconvenienced ... not dead.

Just my opinion ...

Back to the topic though ... in this case, Jack appears to have removed the brains of the Tesla unit and replaced them with his own board, re-configured to fit into the same space as the original Tesla board. It drives the Tesla power electronics, using the same connectors that the old brain did, and monitors the fault signals from the Tesla secondary driver boards.

This is the second way to get a Tesla drivetrain on the road ... when it is not in a Tesla vehicle.

The other way that I have seen so far is using EVTV's GEVCU board and it's accompanying software to send the Tesla brain the CANbus signals that it wants to see, using the timing that the Tesla brain appears to want to see. Jack Rickard and his crew have a lot of hours and effort into the many revisions and iteration that method has required.

If I had the cash, and the access to crashed Tesla auctions, I'd give his new board a go. Jack has been around for quite a while. He's an enthusiast. And if .. sometime .. he does get tired of the project ... you have all you need to fix it if there is a problem. Source code, board design, bill of material ...
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