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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
There are no miles to post since I just got it this past Saturday. I haven't even burned half a tank of fuel yet. It racks up about 50 miles per day on the commute, plus whatever Sweetie racks up during the day.

I'm aware of the AC, its serving both the battery and the passenger compartment, and the compressor being electric. High temps here are about 73-75 right now. We're good.

If I treat it like my house then I'm going to run with the windows open all night, get it down to about 60 degrees and then coast on that "coolth" for the rest of the day. Not a good analogy.
LOL... "clock" was ODO

187K for that price is fine. You overpaid a little, but not enough to matter.

As an AZ resident, my perspective is skewed. If you could do that with your car climate, I would support it.. .

I'm sure someone has mentioned it in one form or another, but it bears repeating... check your oil every fill-up. Both of mine burn a fair amount of oil (150K and 202K).

If the red triangle light comes on while driving, and you get a tone (exactly like when you have it in drive and open the door), that's low oil. Pull over ASAP and add oil. It usually starts with "sloshing" as you come to a stop, as you pull away or in a long and sustained turn with moderate side forces.

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