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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
Sorry redpoint5 I disagree. I do coast down testing under 20 mph. I got a two year degree in manufacturing with out loans.
I'm not saying that fairings won't help, just that a "2.5 mi each way with minor hills" commute should be easily doable by a reasonably healthy and able-bodied person. The extra wind resistance can just be viewed as extra training.

When did you obtain your degree, and would you consider it necessary to your line of work?

My point is that "education" often has a double cost. First is the cost of tuition, books, fees, etc, and these are often financed with interest bearing student loans. Second is the cost of lost time in the labor market where you would be earning money, work experience, and seniority. Sure, there are plenty of people that work while in school, but those jobs are rarely useful towards the students ultimate career goals.

Knowledge is practically free these days, and the old system of institutionalized learning is becoming less relevant, except for certain careers which have a particular requirement.

I just put my wife through 2 years of $40k/yr physician assistant program. We borrowed no money for this education. The cost of the education is necessary to be a PA, and makes economic sense considering the 1st year salary will cover the 2 year cost of school. I don't have a degree; my career field doesn't require one and doesn't value it much.
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