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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
I lean toward the philosophy of "low rpm first, then anything else". I rarely go above 2500 rpm at the top of my pulses, usually running 1500-2200 rpm. Of course, I have the 1.5L engine, so as you said there will be places where you NEED more rpm for more power. That's a good thing, it means your engine is actually the right size for efficiency rather than for power.
Back in carburetted DOHC engine days people would say: enjoy your coked bearings and valves

The only logical way to keep a better mileage is to hold most of the time a high, but constant speed. Unless the cops and speed cameras are around.

It takes only about 60 hp or so to keep a Veyron running 60 mph. It takes over 1000 hp to get there in 2.5 seconds. Even getting the best efficiency in the realm of road vehicles, given by electric motors, it still takes 500-600 hp for the same feat, as in Tesla P100D.

In my car (1.8T, gasoline, turbocharged, 234 peak hp, a lot of minor aero tweaks) I can get up to 34-35 mpg (in US gallons) running with constant speed. From 30-31 mpg when bodywork was in stock form. With some acceleration, in the 1.0-1.4 bar on the boost gauge, but only where needed. Sporty road driving may drop to 29-30 mpg.

This is not modding of the car itself, it's modding of the driver - one adapts himself or herself. It takes training.
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