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I am 64 yr old and got my degree at a community college mid career to keep current in 1993. My one daughter graduated there and two sons are doing the same now. One daughter and our daughter-in-law attended a 4 year program at private colleges and they have the debt load their husbands have helped pay off. Our oldest son joined the Army out of high school and is getting a business degree online while working in IT. He earned Microsoft certifications studying during guard shifts. If you want to teach in NYS one needs a Master's degree. It does come down to value management and a vigorous reading program is important in every profession - even customer service entry level jobs.

As part of a modern transportation system being able to cover 25 miles in under an hour without needing to shower is a major game changer. The goal is to reduce the CdA by up to half on a common commuter bike. This is comparable to other ecomodder projects. Potential market world wide is roughly estimated at 500 million riders. Whether one is interested in reducing pollution, crowding, traffic deaths, or obesity there are gains to be made by aeromodding. If one is training for a sanctioned event then resistance training is beneficial.
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