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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
That's worth knowing. I hadn't heard that about these. Neither my HCH nor my geriatric Toyota Truck burn any oil, that's a bit of a letdown. I'll keep an eye on that. Getting away from an oil user was one of the reasons for letting the Forester go.

Spending some time under it (bumper skin, headlight replacement) I also looked at the underside of the engine and transaxle. Bone dry. No evidence of any oil leaks recently or old, so that's something. If the oil goes anywhere, it'll have to be out the tailpipe.

Makes a Bolt look that much more attractive.
They're notorious for consumption particularly as they approach 200K. They'll never smoke. It has more to do with the Atkinson cycle engine than anything else. It's one of the reasons that they have a 5000 mile oil change - they don't want to extend it like many manufacturers do.
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