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Just signed a else for a re-tread Honda EV.

Couldn't resist, 500 bucks (First payment and licensing fees) and I am driving it for 24 months 199.00 a month. Includes a level 2 charger, I only have to pay for liability, they are covering the insurance of the car itself. All maintenance covered except tires.

First week:
The regen braking is very impressive, I have a 9 mile downhill commute to work so I arrive at work with a 99% charge.. Uphill 9 miles home I use 8 to 12 % of the charge depending on how often I have to gas it to move in traffic.

They don't give the driver enough control over the audio/nav system. its a 2013 car and the interface on the nav is showing its age.

The hondalink-ev version is weak, doesn't really give you much except checking charge and telling the ac/heat to turn on, but you have to set the climate control to a temp and auto so it will work before you leave the car, have to think ahead.

Car has plenty of power for a city commute battle wagon, 3 driving modes, eco/normal/sport _ two "transmission modes, regular and dynamic braking.

In eco mode the car has a pretty honest 80 mile range with the temps above 65, in normal mode it has about a 70 mile range with better power performance and glide in traffic which can beat eco mode in certain terrain.. In sport mode, or angry squirrel mode as I call it.. you drop to about 45 miles, but you get a lot of performance(And fun). for 60' its fast as heck... LOL after that its just peppy.

Telemetry on the dash is kinda weak as well, I'd like to be able to see stuff like real battery current , not just a needle that swings back and forth..

Basically the car is a 2 year test for me to see if a full electric is my daily car in retirement with my gas snorting jeep as my fun car for camping and such..

If it has a motor its worth playing with.......
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