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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Thanks for the reminder. Does the adjustment only affect open loop? That would be useful (warm-up MPG hit is big on this car). I don't want to change the closed loop setting.
there will be no or minor change in CL. i had a extrem lean time with 47% ethanol in the fuel and the first klick at the air flow meter. CL was fine, OL was very lean, but >5000 rpm it was rich angain. in this time the cold start was affected (even with E24), afair the engine didnt take the trottle well for some seconds in the morning. everything else was only at the AFR-gauge seeable.

i learned in this time, that the OL is very, very rich, so im not suprised by your warm-up observation.

without ethanol the cold start is fine. i have a -17C cold start vid with 1 klick from 2012, but since 1 year it is at 4 klicks and runs well.
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