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I need to set up an alert for pre-paid debit cards. My new credit card arrived at Mom's house right after I left last weekend. I did not trust the Page Post Office and perhaps I was right to, the first part of my Amazon order disappeared, I called Amazon twice and told them they were sending my stuff to the wrong address, and I am still waiting on stuff I was supposed to receive a week ago.

I just found this:
20 Credit Cards with No Cash Advance Fees

Some of them offer 0% introductory APR on balance transfers, but not on purchases, so if you wanted to weave a tangled web, you could get one card with 0% introductory APR on balance transfers, another card that does not charge extra for cash advances, advance cash, transfer it to the other card, and then put it somewhere that will accrue interest.

This is still free money, right? It seems like a great deal of work!

I ran across second-chance checking. You know how I have crazy stories that do not make any sense?

My friends have worse stories. One of them does not have a bank account because of [macguffin] and her life is always complicated by it. I asked her if she had heard of second-chance checking and she responded "Ugh. I have, but I don't need one."

Finally, someone who understands needs versus wants?
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