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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Two hundred or so of these ultracapacitors would do the job.
If you have the right electronics to convert the voltages at high currents, and a lot of excess capacity in your wallet.
Supercaps have enough capacity now to build a (EXPENSIVE) pack to supply the currents you are likely to need (2000-ish amps) for 10-ish seconds.

The packs that racers use appear to lean toward pouch cells instead, that have insane discharge rates. Like 30 a-h cells with 50C discharge rates.

I would add that the Supercaps are still capacitors, so they leak, and they don't leak at the same rate. They get unbalanced quickly without a management system to balance the charge. And when you exceed the rated voltage per capacitor, even a little bit, they fail.

So add some more cash for a balancing system as well. High current balancing is not required, but balancing is required.

Jack over at EVTV had a bank of supercaps wired up that would run his car for about 5 minutes. It was not all that heavy but it certainly took up a bunch of room. This was a few years ago so things have gotten smaller, and the max currents are higher.
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