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Back home last night,here's some numbers

*Total trip miles,4,687
*Total fuel consumed,147.324 gallons
*Average trip fuel economy,31.814 mpg
*3,418 miles @ 65 mph maximum = 32.798 mpg average
*1,269 miles @ 70 mph maximum = 29.435 mpg average
*Total all-up travel weight = 4,280- lbs
*Front axle = 2,280-lbs
*Rear axle = 2,000-lbs
*Weight distribution,F/R,53%/47%
*Frontal area 29.0 sq-ft
*Cd 0.345 (from DARKO)
*CdA 10.005 sq-ft
*Front downforce @ 65 mph,22.7-lbs
*Rear lift @ 65 mph,48.8-lbs
*Projected fuel economy with GDI,37.717 mpg
*Projected fuel economy with Diesel TDI,42.637 mpg
Spirit 'EV',cab/bed gap sealed,Dodge Viper windshield/cowl block:
*Cd 0.297
*Cd 0.287 'camera' truck (mirror delete)
Component drag measurements:
*Dodge Viper windshield & cowl-block, -Cd 0.005
*SCCA race mirrors (2), +Cd 0.010
*Features drag (cut lines,small gaps) Cd 0.000
*Truck cab/bed gap, +Cd 0.016
*Cooling system, +Cd 0.027
Baby Template car:
*Uncorrected drag force measurements @ arbitrary 3.0 sq-ft frontal area,(Long-tail)produce
--------------------------- Cd 0.132
--------------------------- Cd 0.150
--------------------------- Cd 0.139
--------------------------- Cd 0.1403 average
*Uncorrected short-tail measure
--------------------------- Cd 0.1725 average
Measurements corrected for actual 3.4795 sq-ft frontal area produce
--------------------------- Cd 0.1209 average,long-tail
--------------------------- Cd 0.1487 average,short-tail
Baby's road load aerodynamic power requirement @ 200-mph = 26-hp
Spirit with Baby's body,@ 65 mph:
*43.493 mpg
*50.017 mpg with GDI
*56.541 mpg with Diesel TDI
*130.479 mpge with EV drive
*The T-100 has never achieved over 30 mpg without some sort of tail.
*I couldn't finish what I started,so I tested what I had.No tail.
*Almost all of the belly was missing.
*The new hood blister additions and aero-shell side fairings appear to have helped compensate for the lack of belly and boat tail.
*If Elon Musk did an EV pickup with aero shell,it would be easy for him to see Cd 0.22.
*I'll try for a return trip in 3-years to finish the Spirit project.
*Baby has 'real' tires and place for taillights and license plate,unlike Jaray's,Lay's,Kamm'/Fachsenfeld's,and Buchheim's pumpkin seed models.
And while she's not as low drag as Cambridge University's CUER (Cd 0.11),she would represent a D.O.T.-legal design.
*It looks like the 1994 Accord,with Baby's body would handily do 32-mpg @ 100 mph,or 100 mpg @ 55 mph.
My brother has suffered perhaps an irreversible disability from an adverse reaction after receiving an immunization from Kaiser Permanente.He shot smoke-flow video of Baby at DARKO,but I'm not gonna bug him about it until we find out his long-term prognosis.
AeroStealth posted a 15-minute video about Baby on You-Tube.If you're not familiar with this project it will help bring you up to speed.
Thanks again to Gumby79 and Freebeard for all the helping hands at DARKO.I feel like we got a lot accomplished in a limited amount of time.
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