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95 up Geo Metro mirror delete 3d printer files

I had a factory mirror delete plate on the passenger side of my car. I just got a Prusa I3 MK2 printer and since the print bed is large enough to print the entire thing out in one shot I figured it was time to learn how to use FreeCad.

Here is my first attempt at building a part from scratch.

It looked pretty good and the measurements matched up as good as I could get from the factory part. So I printed a test part at 0.300mm draft quality PLA. It came out really nice looking.

And here it is on the car.

I will probably print a good one out of PETG and I figure 0.150mm layers would make it good enough that it probably would only need light sanding to get it nice. So anyone that wants to make their own here are the files. The STL files are generated from FreeCad

95 up mirror delete drivers side.FCStd
95 up mirror delete drivers side.stl
95 up mirror delete passenger side.FCStd
95 up mirror delete passenger side.stl

I made the drivers side part then mirrored it for the passenger side part. I haven't printed the passenger side part to check it yet.!AP3XzKTbA9Krk-Z2 is a link to the full size images. The only thing I need to do is figure out how to make a curve on the front inside edge. It is flat in the model and I need a slight curve to make it fit the body tightly. I will work on that and update the files once I figure out FreeCad a bit better. But printing it as-is still looks real good and 5 minutes of filing the curve in makes it fit perfectly fine for now.


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