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I like to use good parts. Aisin water pump and NTC thermostat. I've seen plenty of aftermarket replacement parts fail. I'm still on the original water pump on my Honda. 26 years and 241k miles! I check it when I do the timing belt. Never leaked a drop and the thing spins like it should. Original hoses too! I won't replace good original parts with crappy aftermarket stuff that'll fail in a year or two.

I recently replaced a water pump on a Corolla. Coolant was pouring out of it onto the ground. I removed a cheap GMB water pump. I'm sure the original was an Aisin and I'm guessing it was fine and replaced as preventative maintenance. The car's owner supplied me with another GMB pump....

Be careful if you buy from Honda. Their replacement part aren't always the same quality as the original parts. You're mostly paying extra for the "Honda" box the part comes in. I haven't ordered from them in a while, but PartsGeek sells OE supplier parts without the dealer prices.

I would replace:
-all timing belt components (I'm not that picky about the belt brand, but I like to see Japanese bearings in the tensioners)
-coolant (unless it was changed recently)
-thermostat (up to you, but get an NTC brand)
-crank and cam seals (get good ones!)

I would inspect:
-all coolant hoses (look for soft or bloated spots)
-hose clamps for rust (probably not a issue where you live!)
-accessory belts (look for cracking/fraying)
-water pump (should have no signs of leaking and have slight resistance when you spin it)
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