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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
As soon as I asked the question I want back to Youtube and it was recommending
Checkout of Paul's DC Controller March 16 2016 Michael Lulchak. I peeked at a bit, at 13min the wheels turn but up on jack stands, at the end your are talking about needing new batteries.
I guess .. if you count a Golf cart as a vehicle?

If you watch the rest of the video, I am driving the golf cart around. On a 24V Lead acid pack.

For those that don't know, thingstodo = Michael Lulchak. I haven't figured out how to change my handle on Ecomodder ... it may be possible but I have not sent the admins a message as yet to see if they can change it.

So, technically true?
Sure, I guess. There is another guy using the IGBT DC controller as well. I will have to look through the posts, but he has been driving it for a while.

I was confused and discussing the AC Controller for some reason ...

What's the deal with the Wikispeed car?

I put it on hold to get the Mazda project rolling. It has been quite a while since I have put any time into that car project. It has a much higher threshold for pain ... I need to get a vehicle inspection for Canada. I'm told this is not easily done. So that one may end up being an off-road project if I can't get it licensed for on-road.

You can read up on the WIKISPEED car at

WIKISPEED Changing the world for the better

The WIKISPEED car looked like a perfect candidate for an EV conversion. But the exception that is used to licensed it in the USA does not appear to exist in Canadian law. Limited production, exemptions from some of the crash tests, submittal of drawings for the seat belt anchors, etc.
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