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I will move to Unicorn Corral (I did not know about this)
Thanks for receiving me in the forum. I have now seen Carl Sagans's motto and I think it can fit this product into that. Repet is a product developed by the Wiezman Institute of Science a famous institute considered the top 10 in the world. . It is funded by U.E. for development. This year, EVONIK, a large German chemical firm after studying, paid a large sum to create a multinational to product this . To the question of what cars I used like this I mention there are quite a lot of cars. As examples I can give Nissan Qashqai 2.0 Diesel 150 HP; Volvo S60 R 300 HP Gasoline ; Golf 4 1,4 75 HP Gasoline, etc. Gaining on average 5% fuel economy. And this after repeated tests over 4-5 years. So after many kilometers.
The product was also researched by the Southampton Tribology Center
England by Dr Monica Ratoi who is a lecturer in Lubrication Science in Engineering and the Environment at this University and Respective Tribology Center in Lyon France. Professor Fabrice Dassenoy Fabrice Dassenoy spent three years at the Max-Planck Institute of Berlin before joining École Centrale
by Lyon first as Assistant Professor before getting promoted to Professor. As an expert in nanomaterials, his research conducted at the Tribology and System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) is related to the study of the tribological properties of nanoparticles used as lubricant additives, with a particular interest in
understanding the lubrication mechanisms of these nanomaterials and in the optimization of their lubricating properties. He teaches Materials Science at the École Centrale de Lyon with a focus on the characterization techniques.
One can easily check what I said about this research on the IF-WS2 product. (inorganic fullerene from tungsten disulphide).
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