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AI-informed fabricobbling

Supercomputer redesign of aeroplane wing mirrors bird anatomy : Nature News & Comment

Here's the proposition: How to mimic the structure that '9 out of 10' AIs prefer? The system seems to be curved spars in the thicker section, and individuated struts between the skins in the thinner sections.

What this reminds me of is the interior of the wing of the Goodyear Inflatoplane. I can't find a picture online [quickly], but there is this description at

The inflatable surface of this aircraft was actually a sandwich of two rubber-type materials connected by a mesh of nylon threads, forming an I-beam. When the nylon was exposed to air, it absorbed and repelled water as it stiffened, giving the aircraft its shape and rigidity. Structural integrity was retained in flight with forced air being continually circulated by the aircraft's motor.
What I would like to do is find an adhesive, rigid material that applies as a liquid. I could put it between two sheets of coroplast and suck them apart. If the material [easily] pulls apart as strings which then harden, that is what I would be looking for. The X'd struts I haven't figured out yet.

Candidate materials might include chopped fiberglass in resin, or Gorilla glue or ??? What do all y'all think?

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