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EV Mode for Australian Gen2 Prius.

After installing and using the PIS system, I was upset to hear lots of beeping at times and thought that the PIS Front Controller had problems. Associated with the beeping was the notice flashing up on the screen "EV Mode not available at this time..." or similar. (PIS = Plug In Supply, California)

Before we go too much further, firstly let me tell you a bit about part of the wiring from the PIS Front Controller to the Prius.
There are two wires which connect from the Front Controller to the wiring of the Prius EV switch (see "EV Switch Wiring" menu item on the left.) The EV switch comes preinstalled in the Australian Gen 2 Prius.

After much listening to beeping and a lot of thinking and watching to see when the beeping occurred, the problem is, I think, a design / setup problem with Front Controllers sent to Australia (which are the same ones used in the US).

In the US Prius, the top EV mode speed is around 34mph (55kph) (or more I have read - someone please verify this for me, thanks).
The Australian Prius is set to turn off / not allow "EV Mode" above 45kph (around 28mph).

This causes a problem between 28mph and 34mph when the front controller tries to turn on the EV Mode. Of course in the Australian Prius that is not allowed and it keeps trying and beeping, trying and beeping, about every 6 seconds, complete with a warning notice on the centre screen.

The reason this is very annoying is that a popular maximum suburban road speed (off the main roads) is 50kph (31mph), right in the middle of this disallowed range. (The main roads are 60kph (37mph))

I asked Robb from PIS if he could supply a special Front Controller for us Aussies and possibly New Zealanders and possibly Europeans. I am willing to pay for it.

Robb is a great guy and easy to correspond with, but this time I didn't like his response...

"I can't change the software. No demand except from yourself to justify the expense."


"No. The software is based on Toyota software and I cant change it."

"The beeping is normal. It does not beep all the time. I don't know why."

I have worked out why and told him.
It is not the Toyota software that needs changing, it is the programming in the PIS Front Controller.

So, after you non-US residents install the PIS Front Controller and have the same result as I have above, please ask Robb to send you a special Front Controller... or better still ask him to supply you one specially programmed for your country, when ordering it. Specify maximum EV Mode speed = 45kph (28mph).

Please let me know how you go.

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Update - 07/10/17
I have now completed a GPS project (using an Arduino) which has fixed this problem for me.

Full details will be added soon.

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