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If you smell sulfur, please check your battery!

Mom had been complaining her garage smelled for a month or two. She said she figured out it was the car, then the engine compartment, but I never smelled anything. I still did not smell anything when I popped the hood, but one of the battery terminals was corroded. I did not think it was that bad and we were four hours behind schedule leaving on a trip.
We drove 163 miles to the Phoenix area and when we first stopped at a light we heard some grinding or roaring sound. We did not have any idea what the problem was. I drove to the hotel, and parked in front while we checked in, but then the car would not start. I cleaned the terminals, got a jump, and started driving to charge the battery, but the battery light was still on.
At some point I smelled sulfur, but just once. The alternator was loud because it was dying. Someone said it needed to work harder, but the bearings could have been going out.
I just thought someone might not know all of the above and it might help them. I hope everybody has a great night!

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