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There's gotta be a better way air condition my car.
We all know the AC compressor saps a lot of power. I don't run my AC as much as I can stand it, but some days are just too much. It gets very humid here. I was wondering if there might be a better way. Here are my 'requirements';

1. Be more efficient than the current standard compressor/refrigerant system. i.e.; not affect mpg.

2. Not require recharging or servicing before every trip.

3. Be contained within the vehicle. (Can't be ruining aerodynamics, now.)

And don't be telling me about swamp coolers (see #2), ice water vests (see #2), and beaded seat covers (already got 'em). I did do a search but found nothing promising. And I don't wanna hear useless prattle about windows up/down vs. AC above/below 45mph. If you do, I'll break your arm. Or sick JohnnyMullet on you. I want to hear some NEW ideas. C'mon. Let's think.


I ran across this today;

It's a VERY intriguing concept. I'm wondering if this design would work at a lower psi. Could you optimize the dimensions and make it work off of ram air pressure from the front of the car? Or would it require too big of an inlet and destroy your Cd?
How about an electric blower? Or would you just be trading compressor drag for alternator drag?
Or maybe operate it off a high pressure carbon fiber air tank. Sounds expensive. I do have an aviator's breathing oxygen tank sitting in my shed that I removed from a Cessna 401 several years ago... But it's pretty heavy.

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