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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
The only battery I've had to replace in a running car was in my first car a good 20 years ago, when I was a teenager and still new to cars. It was having a hard time cranking over the engine, ran a bit rough and killed the fuel mileage. A cell had died in the battery. Still started and ran with just 10v on it, thankfully. The signs were there, I was just too new to cars and engines to recognize the signs.
I spoke too soon! Battery croaked on my gas Firefly today.

Well, it was pretty much dead a few days ago when I charged it up for the first time in a couple of months. Ran fine for a few days, then just didn't want to start after sitting for all of 8 hours at work. Jumped her, brought her home and quickly discovered it wouldn't take/hold a charge. Good thing I have a spare.

It had a pretty good run; it was manufactured 7 years ago last month. I wonder if that's a coincidence... I'll have to see if that sticker on it says 72 months or 84. (I know I've seen an 84 month one on one of my batteries). Pretty suspicious!
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