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Most of these schemes are base on a vacuum in the tube because the air displaced would have to go somewhere as the capsule passes, so you want as little as air in there as possible - what air is in there is going to get squeezed and that takes energy.

The more air, the more energy because of air resistance.

Conclusion, the tail isn't treated with a cone or tail because there is so little air in the tube to begin with.

That's my guess anyway.

I sure would feel better about my opinion if I saw some CFD images video and gifs on it.

EDIT: I did find this................Musk's Pod, a different shape than Virgin's.

The first issue we found in the virtual prototype was with airflow. The pod shape that Musk shows in his white paper will cause some of the air around the vehicle to become supersonic, which could lead to a completely different class of engineering problem and make hyperloop infeasible. With some adjustments – increasing the taper of the front and back ends of the pod, the airflow would be subsonic and wouldn’t choke as it moves past the vehicle.
EDIT-2: Found more, plus this link has a video.

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