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Question Practical? Possible? Taurus EV Conversion

I've fallen in love with the thought of having an EV.
I'm considering modding my own (it would have to pass the 'wife' test though)
I would like to know how feasible one is for my work commute, though.

possiable project car:
1991 Ford Tarus 4door sedan. Everything is fine but needs a break job.
AC in questionable condition.
cost me $900.
i didn't like it, tried reselling it, no luck. but as an EV?
looks alot like this:

demands the ev modded car would need to meet:
1 - cheap to mod. (i know that modding can range from $1k to $9k USD
depending on what parts can be scrounged for free - the cheaper the better to pass the 'Wife' test)

2 - Complete my round trip to work. One way trip = 26mi, 15 to 45mins
depending on traffic, speeds able to reach ATLEAST 65mph (or i'll have to
spend an extra hour fighting surface street traffic)

3 - recharge within 8 hours.

4 - 'feul' gauge to show me how much of a charge is left.

how I'm considering doing it:
I would like to get rid of fluids as much as possible. I know I'll still need power steering fluid. i'd like to ditch the automatic transmission for something simple like this CVT:
using air cooling i wouldn't have to worry anymore about tranny leaks.

I would like to remove the gas-tank completely and mount the batteries underneath in a splash proof way to hopefully keep trunk space (but how would i water them that way though?) and use the spare-tire space in the trunk for other batteries (i'm considering looking into the new no-air tires or mounting the spare on the trunk or underneath.)

I would like the motor to be brush-less so i wouldn't have to replace it every few years.

I would also look into how regenerative breaking works. (why not? needs a break job anyway.)


Any thought from the community are welcome while i'm considering this project.

It would be my first.

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