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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
Now I appreciate that most classic owners want the original engine, but as the man from Jaguar says, in a future when petrol is not available (or use of ICE may even be illegal!), this is a brilliant solution.
Ethanol, biomethane and eventually some synthetic fuels from a renewable feedstock might become available more easily, but I honestly have my doubts about a total ban on ICE. What would seem like a matter of higher concern is the lube oil, which might most likely be replaced with castor or palm oil. On a sidenote the Nazis made synthetic gasoline and Diesel fuel out of wood chips in Poland, and nowadays there are commercially-available synthetic lube oils made out of natural gas through the very same Fischer-Tropsch process employed to make gasoline from coal and wood chips. Considering an eventual advantage that an ICE proportionates to the closure of the carbon cycle, and the possibility of using nearly any organic waste as a source of fuel instead of leaving it rot away and release methane and ethanol vapors through the atmosphere, in the end it sounds more reasonable to keep the ICE even taking in account the environmental aspect.
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