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Check this out, especially the last few minutes.
I was thinking '...last few seconds', but you covered it in your second post. I'll bet one would fit in a 1964 1/2 Ford Falcon Futura.

Is it BYOB (bring your own body)? Can I get one in basalt/carbon fiber?

In their most recent video EVTV have declared victory in mainstreaming EVs and are stepping away from the resto-mods like this to concentrate on Tesla power packs and drivetrains. In past episodes they showed the Torque-[something] two-speed planetary gearbox that passes 'up to' 500hp. That goes where the transmission tailstock was. The electric motor goes where the transmission was. Then the battery pack goes where the engine was. (Charger/inverters/controller where the radiator was for cooling?)

Landing on the existing motor mounts is a big deal. I've got a stalled out project to do just that with a Lexus drivetrain in an air-cooled VW Beetle.

that Sprite would need a single-wheel pusher trailer made from a Vespa motorscooter minus the front forks.

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