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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
What's really disappointing is that OEM's still aren't offering this tech in any numbers, the real world fuel savings should justify the expense for at least the 'ECO' versions of ICE cars.
LiFePO4 cannot be charged below freezing temperatures, so that eliminates most of the US for being a suitable replacement. Even in parts of the world where it doesn't freeze, it's still possible to drive the vehicle to a place that does freeze.

I've been running a LiFePO4 for about a year now in the Prius. It may be suitable in the Prius since the battery lives inside the passenger compartment and isn't used to start the engine. Instead it only has to provide power long enough to close the contactors to the traction battery. Once that happens, there is no load on the 12v battery. I'm hoping it's the last battery I'll ever buy for the Prius.

As an aside, I've run a LiFePO4 in my jetski the past 2 seasons and it works great.

My plan was to replace the failing battery in the TSX with a small LiFePO4 in the glovebox and a capacitor bank under the hood, but my dad is always quick to buy a standard battery. He's ruined my last 2 projects!
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