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Baby template car specifications

Here are the as-tested measurements for 'baby':
*Scale-approx. 36.68%
*Model weight-168-pounds (all three components)
*Body height-20.28"
*Ground clearance-4.3"
*Front track-24.625"
*Rear track-18.25"
*Aft-body-74.198" (long-tail)
*Aft-body-44.948" (short-tail)

*Tire width-64mm
*Wheel fairings width-88mm
*Frontal projected area-3.4795 sq-feet
*Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag (long-tail)-0.12099 (ave. 3-runs @ zero-yaw)
*Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag (short-tail)-0.148 (ave. 2-runs @ zero-yaw)
*Drag index (CdA)-0.4209 sq-feet (long-tail)
*Drag index (CdA)-0.5149 sq-feet (short-tail)
*Reynolds number,approx.-1,634,402 at 76 mph airspeed
*Reynolds number,approx.-645,157 at 30 mph airspeed (smoke-flow imaging)
*Wheel fairings could be narrower @ 1:1 scale
*Stinger was intentionally mutilated in order to provide for DOT taillights and license plate
*No facility for crosswind-averaged,SAE J1252/ J 2071,test protocol
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