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Three-wheeler with 2 seats and 1m width

The last few years, there's been much interest in reducing road congestion, ie by using "narrow track vehicles" (vehicles that have a width of 1m or less or thus about 1/2 of a regular car). Examples are Commuter Cars Tango, Narrow Car Company Naro, ... The idea here is that by using such vehicles, we can fit 2x more cars on a road, hence doubling capacity of the road, reducing congestion. Most 4-seater cars only seat 1 person on most trips, so capacity isn't a problem.

The question I had was: which 3-wheelers with a width of <1m and which seat 2 people exist on the (European) market today, and which of these still have a decent price (let's say 5000 euro max) ? The car needs to be road-legal and have a shell.

There's the Elio Motors 3-wheeler but this seems too wide, and too costly.
The Carver is no longer sold commercially (and was also too expensive).
There's the Organic Transit ELF, but it too seems too wide/costly.
Some velomobiles may seat 2 people but most are too costly and I prefer longer range (so use of an internal combustion engine). Same goes for the Raht Racer and the Drymer business.
There's the CLEVER, but it isn't commercially available.
Best thing I could come up with is an auto rickshaw (tuktuk), though most seem to be a bit too wide, and I also don't know whether they're sold here in Europe. They also have some cargo capacity.

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