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Thanks SVOboy.
The Tuarus project car is because i was in desperate need of a car at the time, got
it, didn't like it, and am having trouble selling it even though it's a good little

My target price will be between 3 and 4k - and even that will be extreemly hard to talk my wife into (for those of you who are married and only earn 40K together then you know how the wife factor is.)

The nearest i've found for specs are for the SHO model. Mines not a SHO but the year is the same so it should be close.
the major difference between the normal and the SHO models are the DOHC
engine changes.
the sho model:
Curb weight 3440 lbs.
Wheelbase 108 in.
Length 198 in.
Fuel tank 16 gals.
Oil 6.5 qts with filter

other information, which is probably useless, can be found here:

i want power steering quite simply because i like it. (i like it more than A/C and i live in Arizona!!!)

BTW, my accessories are:
ABS, Airbag, Pwr Locks, Pwr Steering, Cruise Control (i don't care about CC),
pwr windows, am/fm radio (i wouldn't mind using a seperate radio if the reception is good), htr/AC (if the car can go fast enough to keep me cool then i'd be willing to ditch the AC in exchange for breeze. but the htr would be needed for fog/frost control during arizona december/jan mornings.)

let me know if you need any more info about the project car.
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