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The last few years, there's been much interest in reducing road congestion, ie by using "cars" that have a width of 1m or less (thus about 1/2 of a regular car).
Your first example is Elio?!?

Citation needed. I would say the interest is in platooning, to fill the lane rather than reduce it's width. There is an opportunity to improve parking, but traffic lane width is fixed.

What would a 1-meter wide vehicle look like? It would be a tandem two-seater with two wheels, or a carver. Relax the 1-meter width restriction and make it a reverse trike and you have a stable platform for high-speed performance.

These are being built today, and the company has global intentions. They claim that due to the aerodynamic shape of the windscreen and top, you can ride in the rain without side panels. Three fit in a standard parking space.
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