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Good morning,
I'm the current owner of the 1984 CRX 1.5 mentioned here. I've got an older web page that I put up a few years ago here:

1984 Honda CRX

The car currently has 83k miles on it. Over the life of the vehicle I averaged 40.00 mpg over the 35k miles I put on the vehicle. The highest I got was on a trip out to Chicago, where I touched 53mpg. Not bad for the little 3 pot carb.

Being that it has only two seats and I've got another two seater I'm looking to sell. I bought another daily driver with side airbags for the kiddo.

As far as condition, the body is in excellent shape for a vehicle of this vintage and location. It's something that I've really taken care of during my tenure as owner.

She will need a head gasket though. The last time I had her on the road (2004) I noticed that she was running warm. I then proceeded to test for exhaust gasses in the cooling system, and there was a slight leak. On the road, she'll run for about 20 minutes before getting warm, so I'm pretty sure this is what the situation is. The only other things that the vehicle could possibly use are a radio (none in it currently, it's got the factory blanking plate in place) and a catalytic converter if you're a stickler.

I've shopped out a cat at for about $350 (last time I checked) and a head gasked should be about $600.

So, give that one would have to put about a grand into her, I'd think something in the $2500 range would be fair considering the condition and vintage.

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